Monday, January 23, 2012

Business spotlight – Hotel Valley Ho

Can you imagine the day when only 2000 people lived in the newly incorporated City of Scottsdale. That was the population when the Hotel Valley Ho was built in 1956. The Valley Ho was the first hotel in Scottsdale to have central air and be open all year. After many years of hosting celebrities, the property was sold to a local company who intended to bring it back to its original luster. Reconstruction was started in 2004 and Hotel Valley Ho reopened 49 years to the date of its original opening day. With an 80 million dollar restoration which included the addition of the Zuzu Lounge, a beautiful spa and Trader Vic’s, it quickly became the place to see and be seen in Scottsdale.

We are excited to have the Hotel Valley Ho as one of the stops on the City of Scottsdale Hospitality Trolley route. So take time for a date night or fun night out with friends and enjoy an evening at the Hotel Valley Ho.
Download a route map at,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction

The Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction starts on January 15th and what easier way to get there than the City of Scottsdale Hospitality Trolley. The Hospitality Trolley runs north and south on Scottsdale Rd with a transfer point at the Fairmont Princess Resort. From the Princess you will board the Barrett Jackson trolley to Westworld. To the Fairmont Princes, trolley rides start at 10:15am and run every ½ hour. To Westworld, trolley rides start at 10am and run every ½ hour.
Enjoy your time at the Auction and don’t worry about parking or if you want to celebrate your purchase with a cocktail or two, let the trolley take you to your destination. In additions to the exciting car auctions each day you can shop the hundreds or vendors for art and various unique items. Download a route map at,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Texting while Driving!

Texting while driving impairs your ability to drive! We all know it; you taking your eyes off the road, even for a brief moment, could result in an accident. We have all seen the headlines of fatal accidents as a result of texting while driving so why do you do it? Not all Arizona cities have laws restricting text messaging but do they really need to? Do we really need to stay connected every minute of the day? Take the twenty minutes in the car to enjoy some much needed time to breathe and focus on where you are headed. Or…..take one of the many free City of Scottsdale Trolley’s and text the entire way from point A to point B without leaving your fellow drivers anxiously waiting to proceed at a green light for you to finish your text message. Find a trolley route near you at !

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hospitality Trolley Is On The Road!

Getting around Scottsdale just got a lot easier! The Hospitality Trolley started service December 26th and will run through April 1st , with daily service from 10am to 10pm. Hop on the trolley as far north as Fairmont Scottsdale Princess with stops at Scottsdale Quarter, Gainey Ranch, the W Hotel, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Valley Ho Hotel and various other locations along the way. Enjoy shopping, dining, nightlife and entertainment without the worry of driving. Find a convenient stop close to you, download a map and plan your next outing.